History of Suomen Kuitulava Oy

Roots of Suomen Kuitulava Oy dates back to the end of 1980´s. The founder of Suomen Kuitulava Oy Kari Rantanen developed the first versions of Carton Pallets while still working for his former employer. His aim was to develop a product, which would be durable enough and totally recyclable.

In 1992 Kari Rantanen finally managed develop a product, which had the required durability and loading capacity. The product received a patent soon after that. Kari Rantanen also developed a production line for the Pallets. He soon understood the future potentiality of the product, acquired the patents for him self and founded the company Suomen Kuitulava Oy.

Production starts

The Production Kicked of at 1995. After a difficult start the number of employees in the company had grown from one to six individuals by 1997. Turnover grew during the first two years by triple digit figures. By that time also the Finnish Exporting industries had realized the suitability of the product. Overseas transports commenced at 1997.

New Millenium

By 21th century many countries had tightened the phytosanitary requirements, which opened new markets for hygienic carton pallets. Already by that time a major part of the production were exported overseas through our customers. Year 2003 Suomen Kuitulava Oy achieved the highly regarded INNOSUOMI award due to our fully recyclable and innovative products.

Suomen Kuitulava oy Today

We are continuously developing new products and having vision strongly in the future. However saving our planet and keeping the top quality still remains the fundamental values of our company. We at Suomen Kuitulava Oy and our dear planet thanks you for choosing Kuitulava Pallets.