Kuitulava Corrugated Carton Pallet is an ecological, hygienic and durable solution for vast amount of industries. Let’s put our words into action and start the fight against the Climate Change Today.

”We have reduced our annual Co2 emissions by 30000 kg by using Kuitulava pallets.”
Toni Hellsten Global Category Manager – Metso Minerals Oy

”We have used Kuitulava Pallets for our export.
We have been happy with the quality and durability of the pallets.”
Sourcing Manager Joonas Pussinen  – Orthex Group

Carton Pallets

All in one-

Pallet Runners

Suomen Kuitulava Oy has manufactured Corrugated Carton Pallets in Finland since 1995. Our Pallets are made of recycled materials and are meet the requirements of the ISPM 15 -standard and are suitable for export without any stamps or certifications

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any standard or tailor made solutions!